Meet DFCU's Essay Contest Winners

Meet DFCU's Essay Contest Winners
Meet the DFCU Essay Contest Winners

We asked kids ages 5 – 13 what they love most and though all were so good, these four stood out.


Abigail Long

Abigail is an 8 year-old 3rd grader at Spiritus Sanctus Academy in Plymouth. She wrote about how much she loves to bake. “I like baking because you get to make things that look good and unique. I like measuring things. It’s kind of likePhoto math and you’re baking while doing math. You get to see what your skills can actually do.”


Kareem Deeb

Kareem is a 7 year-old first grader who goes to school at William Ford Academy in Dearborn.  Kareem just loves his family. “Time goes by fast when I am with my family because I do a lot of fun things with them. We always help each other out. My family is my life and I will always love them!”


Rishwant Srinivasan

Rishwant loves airplanes. He is 7 years old and goes to Eastover Elementary School in Bloomfield Hills. “Do you know who invented airplanes,” asks Rishi? “The Wright Brothers got the idea for the airplane from a little toy helicopter. After a few days the helicopter got broken but they built another one in their shop. They even got ideas from their bicycle shop.”


Annie Wilcox

Annie attends Knapp Forest in Grand Rapids and is nine years old. She loves tigers and knows a lot about them. “Now let me tell you all the amazing things about tigers. Tigers are not just big scary animals, they play an important part in the food chain. If it weren’t for tigers and other big cats, we would have way too many animals we could not control.”

Congratulations to our winners!