Notable Gifts That Keep On Giving

Notable Gifts That Keep On Giving
Summer begins the season of graduations, weddings, showers and other gift-gifting parties. Thinking up creative ways to gift year isn’t easy. It takes a bit of planning to keep getting the perfect gifts for your loved ones, and many times, the gift is only short lived.

That is why gifts that keep on giving are becoming more and more popular and even cost effective. Experiences are the new gifts, and there are many options out there to give your loved one an experience they will remember forever. 

Here are five ways you can give your loved ones a gift that is a continued reminder of your thoughtfulness:

Nothing lasts longer than the gift of learning a new skill. It doesn’t matter what they’re into as there’s bound to be a class your loved one can enjoy. Whether that’s modern dance, cooking, or embroidery, you won’t just be giving an experience, but you’ll help them lean a skill they can use forever. 
It’s easy to book a fun class for someone else and it’s a gift that quite literally keeps on giving. Hopefully, the class is something like cooking where you can benefit from your loved one’s newfound skills!

A Memory 
You can never take a memory away from someone. Many gifts break, get lost, or go out of fashion, but a memory will always be there. 
The most common thing people think about when it comes to giving memories is something like skydiving, but it doesn’t have to be an adrenaline-fueled experience to leave a lasting memory. If you know the person you’re giving a gift to, then you’ll certainly be able to plan a way to create a lasting memory with them. 

A Subscription
If you give someone a subscription as a present, it can continue indefinitely. You might want to pay for the first month or year, and then leave the option for them to continue the payment themselves. That way, they regularly get a new present!

For example, Ipsy might be the ideal gift for the makeup lover and it’s one that can also go on for an extended period, bringing lotions and potions right to his or her door. Other options could be a 
Netflix or Spotify subscription. How about a favorite magazine like Real Simple or the Smithsonian? Whatever it is and whenever their subscription renews, they’re going to think of you!

You can get subscriptions for all sorts of things these days, so find a fun way of surprising your loved one and keep the gift going month after month. 

Another nice option for a gift that keeps on giving is a membership. Again, you have all kinds of options when it comes to this. It could be a local museum, a tennis club, or a society, but it’s a great way to allow your loved one to indulge in their passion. 

You’ll find lots of different packages and ways to pay for the membership, so you can structure it how you want and allow your loved one to take over the payment if they wish. 

By Amanda Raye
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