All the answers to your DFCU Online cookies questions.

Cookies identify returning website users and customize their experience.

A cookie retains your settings for a particular website, such as DFCU Online.

Registering your device and browser with DFCU Online means cookies are enabled during your session. A registered device and browser makes logging into DFCU Online more convenient, but entering a Secure Access Code each time is more secure. There’s no negative effect if you request a Secure Access Code for each log-in.

Please note that you have control of your browser’s cookie settings. Settings vary by browser, but you can typically change cookie settings by selecting your browser’s "Options" or "Settings" menu and clicking the "Privacy" option.

Some security programs may delete cookies automatically.  DFCU Financial recommends disabling that feature if you don’t wish to be prompted at each log-in for a Secure Access Code. If you – or any security software or cookie managers you’ve installed on your device – delete your cookies, you will be prompted for a Secure Access Code.

Some examples of programs that may delete cookies include:

  • Privacy and cleaning tools, such as CCleaner, Malwarebytes and Ad-Aware
  • Antivirus tools, including McAfee, Norton, Symantec, AVG, Trend Micro, Vipre, Kaspersky

In addition to third-party software, firewall software settings may override your browser settings even after you set them correctly. You may need to make changes in cookie retention and site allowances within your software to avoid repeated prompts to enter Secure Access Codes.