Cash to our members. It's that simple.

CASH BACK is DFCU Financial's unique way of rewarding members for doing business with us. When we perform well throughout the year, our members reap the rewards. And we are happy to announce we paid over $23 million in CASH BACK to our members for 2013 -- $157 million cash to members since 2006.

How it works.

The more you bank with us, the greater your CASH BACK could be. In January, qualified members receive a reward of one-half percent (0.50%) on their average yearly loan and deposit balances from the prior year. Each qualified member receives a minimum of $50. Outstanding financial performance and member loyalty are the keys that allow DFCU Financial to pay CASH BACK.

What could your payday look like?

People who choose DFCU Financial as their primary financial institution can earn a cash reward -- often as much as a full month's mortgage loan payment.

For example:

$150,000 Mortgage

+$ 2,000 Savings

+$ 1,000 Checking

+$12,000 Auto Loan

$165,000 Total Relationship

x 0.50% CASH BACK Calculation

$ 825 CASH BACK deposited into your account!

While it is the intent of the DFCU Financial Board of Directors to pay CASH BACK every year, and have done so since 2006, it is not guaranteed and the amount of CASH BACK will depend on our financial performance.

Try our CASH BACK calculator.

Your everyday banking relationships with us could put you on track to receive CASH BACK.

Current eligibility criteria: 2013 CASH BACK.

  • Ages 26 and over: Must have an average yearly loan and deposit balance of $5,000
  • Ages 18-25: Must have an average yearly loan and deposit balance of $1,000
  • Ages 0-17: Must have an average yearly loan and deposit balance of $100

The age criterion is determined by a person's age as of December 31, 2012. To receive CASH BACK, you must be a member on the deposit date of January 3, 2014.