Kids & Teens

Kids & Teens

A strong financial foundation.

We believe helping our youth learn about proper money management should begin at an early age and is essential to their financial success as adults.  DFCU Financial offers programs for kids and teens that teach the basics of money management.  

(for children up to age 12) 

Teaching the basics of saving, spending and sharing in lots of fun ways.

Explore online activities and games right on your computer:

  • Five–Spot Clubhouse teaches how to save smart and spend smart
  • In AJ’s Mall, kids learn how to earn money and shop wisely
  • Enjoy Nest Notes, a quarterly newsletter featuring games and activities
  • See what great  events  are going on, from financial boot camps to DFCU Financial’s annual family events.


Teen Connection

(for teens ages 13 - 17)

Find fresh and relevant information that focuses on the financial products teens are likely to need and use while still living at home.