DFCU Financial Overview


DFCU Financial was founded in February 1950 by a group of seven Ford engineering employees.

Legend has it that the engineers pooled $5 each to found what was first called the Ford Engineering Employees Federal Credit Union.  Since that modest beginning, the credit union has expanded significantly.

Growing over the years

In 2003, our name was changed to DFCU Financial as we continued to expand our branch network beyond Dearborn, Michigan. The growth and disbursement of our member base, plus the desire to make doing business with DFCU Financial easy, has driven our branch expansion.  As a result, we have members living all over Michigan and all over the globe.

In 2009, DFCU Financial expanded beyond the metropolitan Detroit area with the merger of CapCom Credit Union with offices in Grand Rapids and Lansing. CapCom’s roots reach back to the 1930’s when a small group of Lansing firemen created a credit union to serve all municipal employees. In 2010, DFCU Financial completed another merger, which brought branches in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti area.  The credit union, MidWest Financial, was founded in 1938 as University of Michigan Hospital Employees Credit Union by the employees of the hospital.  The mergers of CapCom and MidWest Financial have allowed DFCU Financial to diversify geographically and offer our benefits of membership to more members across the state.

Safe, sound and healthy 

Today, DFCU Financial is the largest credit union in Michigan and is among the best managed in the United States. We have more than $3.5 billion in assets, serve more than 200,000 members and have more than 500 employees contributing to our success.  


Outstanding financial performance has allowed DFCU Financial to give CASH BACK to members since 2006. To date, the credit union has given members more than $154 million.

Investing in our membership 

As membership has grown over the decades, DFCU Financial has been fortunate to have the resources and foresight to implement changes so we can continue to provide highly personalized service to our entire membership. Added value to our membership includes:


Looking to the future, we will continue to seek ways to add value to membership at DFCU Financial. When making all major decisions, whether it’s building a new branch, or introducing a new product, our decision-making is driven by what is in the best interest of the membership.

If you are already a member with DFCU Financial, we thank you for entrusting us with your finances. If you’re looking to become a member, we hope you will consider meeting with one of our representatives to discover why membership at DFCU Financial is the best kind of belonging.