Insured Money Market Accounts

Insured Money Market Accounts

Maximize your savings potential.

Insured Money Market Accounts (IMMA) keep on giving – higher yields and 24/7 access to your funds.  Your money should work as hard as you do.  Here’s why the IMMA is our most popular deposit product:

  • As your IMMA balance increases, so does your dividend rate.
  • Access your funds without penalty. IMMAs allow up to six electronic transactions per month, including check transactions.
  • IMMA balances may increase your CASH BACK.
  • Tiered rate structure based on Insured Money Market  balances:

$0 to $2,500
$2,500 to $9,999
$10,000 to $24,999
$25,000 to $49,999
$50,000 to $74,999
$75,000 to $99,999
$100,000 and more

Note:  $2,500 minimum deposit to open  



Anyone can join DFCU Financial. 

It's easy to join.  We'll work with you and make it easy to open your new Insured Money Market Accounts, checking accounts and savings accounts with us.  And we'll help you transfer your direct deposits and automatic payments to your new DFCU Financial accounts!  To learn more, stop by one of our branch locations or call 888.336.2700 today.


IMMA rates

  • $100,000 +0.30% APY
  • $75,000 to $99,9990.20% APY
  • $50,000 to $74,9990.20% APY
  • $25,000 to $49,9990.15% APY
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