Our mortgages pay CASH BACK. Does yours?

We paid $23 million to qualified members in January! It's CASH BACK - a cash reward of one-half percent (0.50%) on your average yearly loan and deposit balances with us. The more you bank with us, the greater your potential payday could be.

Want to be part of the payday for 2014?

It's simple. Bring your mortgage business to us. We make the process easy, so whether you're buying a first home or refinancing, our expert loan officers will review your current mortgage needs and help you find the best mortgage solution possible.

Easy application process.

To begin, visit our Mortgage Center. Find easy-to-use tools, calculators, rates and information on loan officers and branches - then just apply online! A loan officer will follow up with a phone call to discuss your options, so have the following information handy...

  • A recent paystub, recent checking and savings balances, records of monthly obligations, your social security number and date of birth
  • Type of loan you are considering
  • Information on the property you are looking to purchase or refinance

Mortgage solutions and more.

Here's what you can expect from DFCU Financial - and CASH BACK for choosing us!

  • Servicing of your mortgage throughout the life of your loan
  • Flexible mortgage products including our 30-year fixed
  • Amortization options up to 30 years
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Onsite DFCU Title Agency, LLC to handle closings
  • Home Assurance mortgage insurance to help safeguard your home when life events like unexpected death, illness or accident prevents you from meeting your mortgage commitment

And if you're interested in non-owner occupied properties, just contact the DFCU Financial loan officer nearest you for details.