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When you get an auto loan from DFCU Financial, you could qualify for our Special Patronage Dividend.  It's simple - cash back to you, from us, deposited directly into your account.  It’s how we reward our members for doing business with us.  The greater your relationship, the larger your potential dividend could be.

Since 2006, we've given over $110 million in cash back to members.  And we continue to be able to do this because we remain healthy and strong, even in these challenging times.  Qualifying members receive one-half percent (0.50%) dividend on average yearly loan and deposit balances, with a minimum of at least $50 in cash back.   

Here’s an example of how you much you could earn in cash back from DFCU Financial.

Average Annual Balances:
$180,000 Mortgage
$10,000 Savings
$1,000 Checking
$15,000 Vehicle loan
$206,000 Total Average Annual Relationship

$1,030 Potential Special Patronage Dividend from DFCU Financial

$0 Special Dividend from other financial service providers 

Imagine how much your dividend could be if all your financial relationships were with DFCU Financial!

Learn more about our Special Patronage Dividend and calculate your potential dividend using our Dividend Calculator. It's about taking full advantage of all the benefits of membership with DFCU Financial.   


Auto rates

  • Current Model YearAs low as 2.49% APR
  • Current Model YearAs low as 2.74% APR
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