Pension Alternatives Review

Pension Alternatives Review

Individuals currently in retirement likely assumed their major retirement decisions were over.

In some instances, however, employers have offered retirees and future retirees the option to take their pension as a lump sum payment.  For many DFCU Financial members and their families, this option is a retirement game-changer. 

Everyone's individual circumstances vary.  And it's easy to let preconceived notions or assumptions impact your decision.  With the help of an experienced professional, you can wisely consider all your options based on your specific needs and goals to develop a highly personalized plan.

Know Your Options.


The Financial Consultants at DFCU Financial Partners, licensed through CUSO Financial Services, L.P. (CFS), have years of experience recommending strategies for lump sum payments.  Using our complimentary Pension Alternatives Review (PAR) program, a Financial Consultant at DFCU Financial Partners will: 


  • Review both the pros and cons of your traditional pension and lump sum
  • Consider your needs, goals and investment comfort level in retirement
  • Take into account your other sources of retirement income
  • Present a variety of strategies based on your needs—one of which may be to keep your traditional pension plan

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When you know what your lump sum pension offer is, make an appointment to see a Financial Consultant.  Financial Consultants are available at DFCU Financial branches by appointment, and have their Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor designation through the College for Financial Planning.

Read more about the Financial Consultants at DFCU Financial Partners, and find one near you.


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