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We gave away $21 million to our members!

The DFCU Financial Special Patronage Dividend is our unique way to thank members for choosing us.

What does a member’s dividend look like?  A getaway?  Date night?  A puppy?  Every year since 2006, our members have found that it pays dividends to belong to DFCU Financial.  Listen to one member’s story:

Special Patronage Dividend - Member Story - Mark

How does it work? 

Qualified members receive a one-half percent (0.50%) dividend on their average yearly loan and deposit balances.  Many members who have a primary financial relationship with DFCU Financial can often earn a full month's mortgage loan payment.

Special Patronage Dividend Facts:

  • Amount of 2012 Dividend:  $21 million
  • Amount paid to members since 2006:  More than $130 million
  • Average dividend amount paid per member:  $220
  • Approximate number of members receiving dividend per region:
    • Metro Detroit: 72,600
    • Ann Arbor: 7,000
    • Grand Rapids: 4,350
    • Lansing: 3,000
    • Other: 12,240