Digital Wallets

Quickly and securely pay for purchases everywhere you shop.

Digital wallets store your DFCU debit Mastercard® and/or DFCU Visa® Platinum credit card information virtually for quick checkouts when you shop in-store, in-app or online. Add your eligible cards today and enjoy all your card perks PLUS the added convenience and security of a digital wallet!

Quickly and securely pay for purchases using your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch instead of swiping your card.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Enables you to pay with a single touch of your finger using Touch ID™ at participating merchants with your iPhone® (version 6 or later) and Apple Watch®.

How to use Apple Pay:

  1. Add your eligible DFCU credit and debit cards to your iPhone or Apple Watch by launching the Wallet app, clicking Add Credit or Debit Card and following the prompts.
  2. To pay, hold your iPhone near the merchant's reader with your finger on Touch ID or hold your Apple Watch's display near the reader. There’s no need to open an app or wake your display.
  3. Manage your cards and control access in Apple Pay and review card activity in DFCU Online or DFCU Mobile. Card activity can also be reviewed in the iPhone Wallet app.
Click here for more information on Apple Pay
Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

The mobile payment service that works almost anywhere major credit cards are accepted.

How to use Samsung Pay:

  1. Add your eligible DFCU credit and debit cards to your Samsung mobile device by launching the Samsung Pay app, clicking Add Card and following the prompts.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to launch the app, select your DFCU Financial card and pay by holding your Samsung phone directly over the merchant’s terminal and authorizing the payment with the touch of your finger.
  3. Review activity in DFCU Online or DFCU Mobile.
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Google Pay™

Google Pay is the fast, simple way to pay with Google.It brings together everything you need at checkout and keeps your payment info safe in your Google Account until you're ready to pay. 

How to use Google Pay:

  1. Add your eligible DFCU credit and debit cards to your Android mobile device by launching the Google Pay app or check to see if it's already installed on your phone. 
  2. Pay by unlocking your phone, holding it near the merchant’s terminal and following the prompts. You don't even need to open the app. 
  3. Manage your cards and review activity in DFCU Online or DFCU Mobile.
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Store your credit or debit cards in an online digital wallet for enhanced security, and to bypass the requirement of entering your information each time you make a purchase.

Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout

Use Visa Checkout to store your DFCU Financial credit card details to avoid the hassle of entering your payment and shipping information each time you make an online purchase from any device.  Make your online shopping simple, fast and secure by following the steps below to enroll in Visa Checkout.

How to use Visa Checkout:

  1. Enroll your DFCU Financial Visa® Platinum credit card in Visa Checkout by clicking on the enrollment link below
  2. Go shopping and look for the Visa Checkout option when you select a payment source
  3. Click the Visa Checkout link and pay with a single login
Click here for more information on Visa Checkout

Digital Wallets FAQ

A digital wallet is a term referring to mobile devices and online programs used for making payments for purchases digitally, without presenting a physical credit card, debit card or cash. The term digital wallet may refer to either a mobile device that stores payment information (such as a smartphone) or web-based program that stores an online customer profile and payment information (such as Visa Checkout). Both store credit and debit cards virtually, hence the name digital wallet.
There are two main types of digital wallets: device-based and web-based.

Device-based digital wallets use near field communication (NFC) technology that enables users to pay for purchases without swiping their credit or debit card. Instead, customers simply wave their phone or other NFC-capable device, such as a smartwatch, near a reader at a merchant to transmit payment account information.
Compatible Samsung Pay phones will also work with traditional magnetic stripe terminals. With terminals that aren’t capable of accepting contactless payments, Samsung Pay emits a magnetic signal that allows a phone to be used like a traditional magnetic stripe card by sliding it above the magnetic stripe reader.
Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay are examples of device-based digital wallets because they require a smartphone or smartwatch to make a payment.
Web-based digital wallets allow customers to add credit or debit card information to a personal account or profile. When customers make a purchase online, they log into this account and use it to pay for their purchase. This type of digital wallet allows users to pay for purchases without providing their card details, billing/shipping address or creating an account on the website on which they’re shopping. Visa Checkout is an example of internet-based digital wallets, because it doesn't require a mobile device to use. Instead, it uses an online profile and saved card information to pay for purchases.
Most digital wallets encrypt your account information, which means the account number that is transmitted to the merchant when making a payment is not your actual account number. Digital wallets generate these encrypted account numbers for a single use so each transaction will have a unique account number, helping safeguard your account information.
Digital wallets come with built-in enhanced security. Because your card information is encrypted, your account details are kept secure thus making it harder for a security breach to happen.
Yes, some digital wallets let you store as many as eight.
Your DFCU debit Mastercard® and Visa® Platinum credit card come with $0 Liability Guarantee for fraudulent charges. For your DFCU debit Mastercard® , refer to your Electronic Services Disclosures Agreement for more information. For your Visa® Platinum credit card, refer to your credit card Agreement and Disclosure for more information.
Many major retailers are already accepting digital wallets in-store, in-app and online. Independent retailers are rapidly accepting them as well as most new card processing machines are outfitted to receive mobile digital wallet payments.
Yes, you can easily remove your card, personal information and opt out anytime.

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