Debit Card Fraud Update

ATM skimming is a growing threat to your financial information. If you're not familiar with ATM skimming, it's the act of obtaining card information using a reader device attached to an ATM or card reader.

We recently became aware that some local ATMs have been targeted and that some victims were DFCU Financial members. Here are a few ATM safety tips along with answers to some frequently asked questions.
  • Check the ATM before inserting your card. Look for loose or ill-fitting pieces on the exterior. 
  • Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t look or feel right about the ATM, do not use it.
  • Keep your PIN secret! Skimmers rely on cameras to obtain your PIN. By hovering a hand over the keypad as you enter your PIN, you will block the crooks’ access to this confidential information. 
  • Use a DFCU Financial or other financial institution ATM whenever possible. ATMs at service stations and convenience stores are much more likely to have a skimmer installed.

Debit Card Fraud Update FAQ

Seven to ten business days is the typical turnaround time for debit and ATM cards. The PIN is mailed separately and may take an additional five days after receipt of the card. 
Although we are monitoring the news reports and communicating with network providers, as well as cooperating with local law enforcement, we essentially have the same information as our members at this time. 
Unfortunately, fraud hits consumers and businesses every day. As your credit union, we're doing everything possible to safeguard member data and personal information. We consistently maintain the highest level of security possible, and our security experts review member information for suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity. We strongly recommend members also monitor their accounts on a frequent and consistent basis so that we can further strengthen our response to fraud.
Unfortunately, the majority of compromises are unavoidable at the consumer level. It's impossible to predict when your card is going to be compromised, so we strongly recommend monitoring your account activity regularly and contacting DFCU Financial immediately if there is a transaction you don’t recognize or suspicious activity on your accounts or cards.

We also recommend taking advantage of the account alerts available through DFCU Online. If you'd like to establish these alerts (or manage your current ones) please click here for instructions.
DFCU employs the most advanced fraud detection and prevention technology to guard members’ credit and debit accounts against unauthorized access and use. While fraud happens, our security team contacts members when we observe unusual account activity whenever possible to determine whether the transaction activity is authorized. This is just one reason why it’s important to keep your contact information updated with us. 

We strongly recommend members to monitor and check their accounts and transactions to look for any unauthorized activity or purchases, and notify us immediately.
  • Please complete the Cardholder Fraud Form here.
  • Return the completed form in person or via fax to 313.322.8460. 
  • You will receive reimbursement for unauthorized activity that occurs due to a compromise, as long as the activity is reported within 60 days from the first periodic statement that is sent to you on which the unauthorized transaction has appeared. 
  • While you are not liable for fraudulent charges, it may take up to ten business days (from the receipt of the form) to refund your account, especially in instances where a large number of our members’ cards have been compromised. This may affect the available balance on your checking account and could result in items being returned if the resulting balance is insufficient.

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