Unlock Summer with DFCU Perks

It's your ticket to summer savings and fun.

Unlock Summer with DFCUPerks

Unlock Summer with DFCUPerks

DFCUPerks Is Your Ticket to a Season Full of Savings and Fun. 

Summer is here and it’s screaming for adventure and relaxation, but why let your wallet take the heat? Say hello to DFCUPerks. It’s more than a checking account - it’s your ticket to stretching your summer budget. Discover how a DFCUPerks account can make your summer unforgettable, from affordable getaways to amazing staycations. 

"I was taking a trip to North Dakota to pick up a few items, so I had to rent a van to drive from North Dakota back to Florida. I rented it for about 10 days, totaling about $2,500ish. Then I remembered to check DFCUPerks for any deals on rentals. So, I checked, and I got a huge discount. I only ended up paying $1,404 for a rental van for 10 days! That’s over $1,000 saved! I was so excited, I booked it right away and canceled my reservation with Expedia.” - Misty C., Tampa Bay, Florida

Turn Meals into Deals 
Summer evenings are the perfect excuse to skip cooking and hit up some local restaurants. With DFCUPerks, you can discover discounts at various restaurants around town. Whether you’re planning a date night or a dinner with the family, enjoy some great food with a side of savings. 

Hit the Road with Confidence 
Planning a road trip? Perks has your back with discounted car rentals and hotel bookings. Plus, with roadside assistance included, feel secure knowing that help is just a call away if you need it. Focus on creating memories, not on unexpected bumps in the road. 

Beach Day Essentials 
What’s a summer without a beach day? With DFCUPerks, you can stock up on all your beach essentials—swimwear, sunscreen, sunshade—at a fraction of the cost. Check out our partnerships with local retailers for exclusive deals just for DFCUPerks members. 

Entertainment that Doesn’t Break the Bank 
From movie tickets to amusement parks, DFCUPerks offers discounts that help you pack more fun into your summer days. Don’t pay full price for fun when you can get exclusive access to savings. 

Sweet Staycation 
Not going anywhere? Turn your home into a summer oasis. With discounts on home goods and services, DFCUPerks helps you spruce up your space without emptying your pockets. Whether it’s new outdoor furniture or a set of grill tools, get ready to transform your home into the ultimate staycation spot. 

Stay Cool and Connected 
Don’t forget about the practical perks. With DFCUPerks, score deals on cell phone protection plans so your phone can survive your summer adventures—have you seen that video of the woman who dropped her cellphone when parasailing? Crazy things happen. But you can keep snapping pics and dialing up friends without a single worry about your tech taking a summer vacation of its own. 

DFCUPerks is the perfect tool to help “perk up” your summer, all while protecting your budget. Best of all, signing up for a DFCUPerks account couldn't be easier. Call 888.336.2700, open an account online or visit your nearest branch and you can enjoy your perks in no time.