Communicate with us securely.

We’re committed to ensuring your information stays private.

Standard email shouldn't be used to exchange private information like Social Security Numbers, account numbers and financial statements because confidentiality can’t be guaranteed.

At DFCU, we protect your personal information by partnering with Microsoft to send encrypted email.

If you need help getting started, review a step-by-step guide on how to access your encrypted email or contact our Member Service Center at 888.336.2700.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are using an iOS device to retrieve an encrypted email, you cannot use the native email app on the device. This also includes other email apps on your device. You will need to use the web browser on your iOS device and log into the email provider's website.

Regular email is not a private conversation and can be easily intercepted and read by unwanted parties. Since confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, standard Internet email should not be used to exchange sensitive or private information such as social security numbers, bank account numbers and financial statements. In addition, email encryption increases efficiencies by allowing the electronic transfer of sensitive information. Traditionally this required slower manual delivery methods such as mail or fax. Email encryption is just one way we’re taking responsibility to protect your private personal information.

Our email encryption service will encrypt email containing private personal and financial information:
•    Personal information, such as social security and driver’s license numbers.
•    Financial information, such as account and credit card numbers.

When a DFCU Financial employee sends you an email containing private personal information, you will receive an encrypted email. In the email message, click on Read the message. Click on Sign in with a One-time passcode to receive an email with the passcode (this one-time passcode is valid for 15 minutes). After retrieving the one-time passcode from your email inbox, enter it in the requested field and click Continue. The encrypted email will open and you can now read, open or download the attachment(s), or reply to the message.

You will be able to open your encrypted emails in seconds knowing that your private personal information remains private. Together with Microsoft Office 365 Message Encryption, we have developed an easy-to-use approach that protects our entire community of interest — our employees, our members and our business partners.