The Worst Passwords of Years Past

And Pro Tips for Password Security

The Worst Passwords of Years Past

The Worst Passwords of Years Past

And Pro Tips for Password Security

Say hello to the New Year – and goodbye to bad passwords! We’re diving into a lighthearted yet crucial look at the worst password choices from years past and offering pro tips to elevate your password security.


1. 123456: The infamous number sequence. No, writing it in reverse doesn’t make it better.

Pro Tip: Break the number pattern. Combine unexpected words and numbers, like 'Blue23Coffee89!'.

2. password: The most ironically insecure password.

Pro Tip: Flip the script. Use a random phrase with mixed characters, such as 'R@inWedd1ngD4y!’.

3. qwerty: Keyboard patterns are a no-go.

Pro Tip: Avoid keyboard walks. Try a memorable but complex phrase like 'Star3Fish@Moon'.

4. admin: Common among default settings, but extremely weak.

Pro Tip: Personalize it. Mix in hobbies or interests, e.g., 'FishingMom#2024!'.

5. Cursewordofchoice: Surprisingly common – and easily cracked.

Pro Tip: Channel your frustration creatively. Use a nonsensical but memorable phrase, like 'FudgeDrat!Shoot72'.


Other Way Too Common Passwords to Avoid:

  • Please: Politeness won’t protect your accounts.
  • ILoveYou: It turns out love doesn’t conquer it all.
  • Welcome: Don’t welcome cybercriminals with open arms.
  • Superman: Even superheroes need strong password protection.
  • Monkey: Monkeys are playful, mischievous creatures, but they make for terrible password guardians.


Elevate Your Password Game:

Moving away from these and other predictable choices is key. Consider a password manager for generating and storing complex passwords. And remember, a strong password is like a good joke – the more unexpected, the better it is.