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Whether it's online, in person or on the phone, our team focuses its talent and resources to bring you highly personalized service.

Headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, our full-service branches in metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Tampa Bay, Florida are staffed by local financial specialists uniquely qualified to help members and businesses achieve important financial milestones. We’re committed to our members--and the communities we serve--who have continued to support us for more than 65 years.


DFCU Financial, born in 1950 as Ford Engineering Employees Federal Credit Union and started with a cigar box with $5 from each of the seven charter members, has since grown to a $6 billion organization with nearly 240,000 members. As we celebrate 70 years, look back with us at our history.

From the start, DFCU Financial was recognized as an innovator in the credit union industry. For its first 10 years, Ford Engineering Employees Federal Credit Union offered only basic services like savings accounts and small consumer loans. But In 1958, it became the first to launch a revolving signature loan.

In 1954, the credit union’s name is changed to Ford Dearborn Federal Credit Union, and in 1959--only nine short years after inception--assets reach $8.5 million. The 1960s brought significant change (and another new name, Dearborn Federal Credit Union). We now had two branches that were thriving with updated services.

In 1974, DFCU would become one of only three credit unions in the U.S. to pilot a share draft (checking account) program that would revolutionize the credit union movement. Another innovative concept co-founded by DFCU was Service Center Corporation in 1975. Service Center Corporation was the first shared credit union branching/ATM network in the country.

By 1978, membership had swelled to 100,000, and DFCU had introduced its first ATM. Recognizing the changing needs of its members, in 1984 DFCU began offering self-directed discount brokerage through its newly formed credit union service organization, Dearborn Financial Services (DFS).

The 1990s were an extremely important decade for DFCU. In 1996, it opened its first residential branch in Livonia. In 1997, DFCU surpassed $1 billion in assets. And in 1999, DFCU introduced online account access and bill payment to members.

The 2000s signaled a decade of expansion and growth for DFCU, including the latest name change, two mergers, and the birth of Cash Back, our unique dividend payout. It also welcomed Financial Consultants and Mortgage officers into the branch environment. 

In 2001, DFCU Financial Partners, an investment advisory services division, is introduced. After 19 years, DFCUFP has gone from two to 17 financial counselors, with $1.8 billion assets under management and more than 22,000 clients.

In 2003, Dearborn Federal Credit Union becomes DFCU Financial to reflect an expansion of branches, services, and members beyond Dearborn. That expansion is realized in the form of two mergers, in 2009 with CapCom Credit Union and in 2010 with MidWest Financial, bringing branches in Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Ann Arbor into the fold.

DFCU Financial’s assets exceeded $2 billion in 2006, with record earnings for the year. We issued a special patronage dividend of $17 million that year, which is the first dividend issued in more than 20 years and the largest in the history of credit unions. DFCU has continued to pay members this Cash Back award every January, totaling almost $400 million as of 2023.

In 2023, DFCU Financial made a significant move into Florida by acquiring First Citrus Bank, a transaction that added approximately $689 million in assets to its already impressive portfolio. This strategic merger catapulted the combined entity to new heights, boasting a total of $7.1 billion in assets and nearly $800 million in capital across its Michigan and Florida footprint. 

DFCU now serves its members at branches in Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Grand Rapids and Tampa Bay, Florida. We are open for membership to anyone who lives, works, goes to school, worships in the Lower Peninsula, or in a six-county region around Tampa Bay. 

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Share Insurance

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (signed into law on July 22, 2010) permanently increased NCUA insurance coverage to $250,000 in deposits. Click here for more information on NCUA Share Insurance. Calculate what portion of your share account is insured by the NCUA and what portion (if any) exceeds coverage limits.