Terms of Service

Zelle® Terms of Service Updates

This document serves only as a guide to highlight changes from the prior version.
Section Update
General Terms for Each Service – 13f. Prohibited Payments, 15. Payment Methods and Amounts, 18a., 18c. Failed or Returned Payment Instructions. Minor cleanup for language.
29. Law and Forum for Disputes Reformatted and revised sentences.
Zelle® and Other Payments Services Additional Terms Updated Zelle to Zelle® throughout the document.
Sections 2a, 2b, 2d. Payment Authorization and Payment Remittance Prohibit sharing credentials to make Zelle® transactions; unlawful reference language added; removed debit card language.
Section 3a. Sending Payments Removed reference to Other Payments Services.
Section 6. Payment Cancellation, Stop Payment Requests and Refused Payments Removed reference to Other Payments Services; Added clarity for Zelle® Payments Services referenced in Section 3(a) (Sending Payments).
Section 12. Wireless Data Operator Wireless operators’ limitation of data authorization; link to Zelle® privacy policy.
Section 14. Disclaimer of Warranties Clarified warranty of security.
Section 20. Arbitration For financial institutions whose agreements include pre-dispute arbitration clauses and class action waiver provisions, adding Zelle® and Early Warning as third-party beneficiaries to those provisions.