Bill Pay Terms of Service

This document serves only as a guide to highlight changes from the prior version of the Bill Pay Terms of Service.
Section Update
15. Payment Methods and Amounts. An update was made to correct a misspelling spelling for the word “through” (previously spelled “though”) in the following sentence: “We or our Service Provider also reserve the right to select the method in which to remit funds on your behalf through the Service […].”
18. Failed or Return Payment Instructions. Clarifying language was added in the following statements: “You will reimburse us or our Service Provider”, and, “We and our Service Provider are authorized to report the facts concerning the return to any credit reporting agency.”
22. Errors, Questions, and Complaints. The following language was added: “For errors involving new Eligible Transaction Accounts, we may take up to ninety (90) days to investigate your complaint or question and up to twenty (20) Business Days to provisionally credit your Eligible Transaction Account.”
29. Law and Forum for Disputes. An update was made in this section to include the following statement: “TO THE EXTENT ALLOWED BY APPLICABLE LAW”
Section Update
10. Service Fees and Additional Charges. Correction made to the language in the last sentence in this section. The term “fees” has been changed to “funds” in regard to there being insufficient funds in the Billing Account.
10. Biller Limitation. Removed the following sentence that referenced to Section 13 of the General Terms: “[…] as set forth in Section 13 of the General Terms (Prohibited Payments).”