Mastercard Travel Tips

Enjoy peace of mind while traveling.

Mastercard provides travel assistance services and other card service features you need to make you feel secure. 

Travel Tips to keep you safe


It's important to let us know that you'll be traveling. If we notice unusual or suspicious activity on your card, it'll alert one of our fraud specialists. Letting us know your travel plans helps ensure that you have access to your funds. 

If you're planning to use your DFCU Financial debit or credit card while traveling, please contact us with the states and countries you will be visiting, the dates of your travel and a phone number we can most easily reach you to verify transactions during your travel.   

If we contact you while traveling regarding possible unauthorized card use, please respond as soon as possible to avoid a disruption in card usage.  If you find that your card has been temporarily blocked, please contact us.  

Download the DFCU mobile app and keep track of your purchases, transactions and account balances.    

It's advised to photocopy the front and back of all your cards and IDs. Take copies with you and keep them in a separate place. If your cards are lost or stolen, you can immediately reference the copies and cancel the cards.  

Take both a DFCU Financial Mastercard debit and credit card, so that you have another form of payment in case one card is lost or stolen.  

Important phone numbers to have handy:  

  • DFCU Financial:  313.336.2700 or 888.336.2700 
  • Lost or Stolen Debit Cards:  800.472.3272 
  • Lost or Stolen Credit Cards:  888.999.0095; International Collect: 531.233.6341 
  • Credit Card Line Increases:  888.336.2700 
  • Mastercard Assistance*:  800.MASTERCARD 

* Travel Assistance Services are available worldwide, with the exception of those countries and territories which may be involved in an international or internal conflict, or in those countries and territories where the existing infrastructure is deemed inadequate to guarantee service. You may contact us (Mastercard) prior to embarking on a covered trip to confirm whether or not services are available at your destination(s). 


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